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Air Conditioning Repair Tips For Common Problems

When you are in need of air conditioning repair, generally it is best to call in a qualified technician. The system is very complex and trying to diagnose and fix problems when you are unqualified can do more harm than good, and may even be dangerous. That said, there are some common issues that are simple enough for homeowners to resolve themselves. It is worth ruling these problems out before going through the cost and hassle of calling out a professional

Problem #1: Air Conditioning Will Not Turn On

If the system is not switching on, it could be caused by a very seriousĀ  electrical fault. However, it is more likely that the cause is very straightforward. Therefore, the first thing a homeowner should do is to check that the internal and external switches are set to the “on” position and that the thermostat is in “cool” mode.

Once it has been ascertained that the system is switched on, check that the air conditioning is actually receiving power. Since the system should be set up on a separate circuit, you can check this by looking at the circuit breaker or fuse to see if these have tripped or blown. If they have, there is no reason to be concerned if it is an isolated incident. If, however, you reset the circuit breaker and it trips again, it is essential that you call in a technician as soon as possible. This is because it is a sign of a deeper and more serious electrical fault within the system.

If none of these potential issues seem to account for the system not switching on, the last thing to check is the overflow tray to see if it is full of water. Some systems with a tray are programmed to automatically switch off if the tray is close to overflowing.

Problem #2: Air Flow Is Poor

The second most common air conditioning repair problem is poor air flow. This is almost always due to a blockage in the air filter, so you should first clean the filter to see if this helps to resolve the issue. Sometimes the filter will require replacement, which you can do yourself if you are confident when it comes to home maintenance.

If cleaning or replacing the filter does not improve air flow, check that the ductwork has not been disconnected. Since the ductwork may be in a difficult to access area such as a crawl space, you may prefer to rely on a professional to perform this check.

Problem #3: Air Conditioning Unit Does Not Dehumidify Properly

If your air conditioning system is newly installed or has always seemed to have had issues with dehumidifying, a likely causes is that the size of the system is simply too large for the house. Another clue that this is your problem is if the system frequently switches itself off and on.

The only real solution if you suspect this is your problem is to call a technician in to take a look. A system which is too big will cool the air too quickly and the cooling coil will not have time to dehumidify the air before the system switches off. Consequently, the system will need to be replaced with one which is more adequately sized for the house.

If your system is not dehumidifying the air but seems properly sized for your home, it may be the case that excessive humid air is entering the home. This can be caused by keeping windows open on a humid day, by a water leak or by evaporator coil problems. The latter issue can be resolved by an air conditioning technician, but there is no easy solution if the problem is not caused by a fault with the system. Sometimes it may be necessary to purchase a separate dehumidifier.

Nobody wants to waste money calling out a qualified technician when they could have made the air conditioning repairs themselves. If your system is not working as expected, always perform a few basic checks to see if the issue can be easily resolved. If you cannot find a problem or it requires some technical skill to fix, always call a professional.


How To Find The Best HVAC Repair Service

A house without a stable indoor temperature can be anything but comfortable. We all like to live, work and breathe in a climate that suits us best. As the four seasons bring in quite high temperature differences, we need heating and air conditioning systems to help us maintain a constant indoor temperature. Such systems can work without problems for long periods of time, However, they need regular maintenance and cleaning, otherwise their performances are going to become weaker. In addition, when they stop working, a good HVAC repair service is needed, in order to restore their proper functioning.

Finding the best HVAC repair service is a matter of careful research. You can start by asking your friends if they can recommend you a good technician or a company they’ve used and liked. Chances are almost anyone had this problem at least once, so your research may come to an end. Even so, you still need to meet the recommended professional and see what he can do for you. Besides, you may need different things than the friend who recommended you this technician. You may have a different brand of HVAC system. You need to make sure this professional has the skills and the right tools to take care of your system.

If your friends don’t know anybody, you can try an online research. The BBB business directory is one of the best places to start, as it has very strict guidelines for its members. All professionals you are going to find in this directory are trustworthy and inclined to listen to their customers and cater to their needs. You can find some HVAC repair services in your neighborhood and put them on your shortlist.

It is important that the company or the technician you hire is close to your home. This could save you money, as the repair teams won’t have to commute for long hours. If they have to cross the city to get to you, you can be sure you are going to pay for the gas and for their additional time. Besides, in case of an emergency, the closer they are, the easier they can get to you. You wouldn’t want to be left without heating in the middle of a harsh winter, would you? Summers aren’t any better, life without air conditioning being quite miserable. Moreover, if you have a baby or an elderly person in the house, you have to be aware they can develop health issues if they have to endure extreme temperatures.

When searching for repair services, always make sure you mention the type of unit you have, as well as the manufacturer and the model. Not all repair companies can fix any type of such equipment, so they need to know whether they can help you or not. Besides, if you sign an agreement with someone who is not authorized to repair your specific brand, you may discover spare parts are going to cost you a lot more. In fact, you won’t notice anything else but some very big bills you are going to need to pay. The easiest way to avoid this is to ask all questions before you agree to anything.

Even if you are sure your chosen technician in going to do a great job, you still need to ask him for references from his former or current clients. You can’t trust words, you need facts. The best facts are those told by real users. This is why you need to get in touch with one or two of these customers and ask them about their own experience with the professional you intend to hire. If there’s anything wrong, you are going to find it out, as these people are going to tell you the truth.

Once you make your final decision, you still have one step to the perfect repair service: the written agreement. Read it carefully, don’t ignore the fine print and make sure everything is written there. For instance, repairs should come with a warranty that might range from a few months to a few years. Make sure it is clearly stipulated in the agreement. Be alert, inform yourself well, and you have great chances to find an awesome professional to take care of your indoor air quality.


Hiring The Right Air Conditioning Repair Service

Modern technology has made life a great deal easier to live. Thanks to modern cooking supplies, we can create hot, delicious food in a short period of time instead of having to slave away over a hot stove for an entire day. Thanks to modern agricultural tools, we can grow our own garden in our back yard.

The home itself has become easier to live in, as well. Indoor plumbing is an amazing invention, allowing us to have the kind of life where we don’t have to worry about waste management. And perhaps most importantly, central heating and air has allowed for us to be comfortable within our own home no matter the weather outside. In point of fact, the air conditioner may be one of the greatest modern inventions in existence. Without it, many summer days would be a terrible thing with which to deal.

This is why it gets incredibly upsetting and stressful when the air conditioner breaks down. When that happens, it’s incredibly important that it gets repaired as quickly and as correctly as possible. Which means that it’s incredibly important to hire the right air conditioning repair service. But how can you make certain to do that? If you’ve never had to hire an air conditioning repair service, you may not actually know what kind of service or even what kind of information you need. Luckily, there are a few things you can do that will help you.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is a skill with which many people have a difficult time. This is because human beings are downright awful at risk assessment. It’s very easy for people to begin taking things for granted, such as their air conditioning. After all, their air conditioning works right now. So obviously, it will continue working for as long as they need it.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. You should plan ahead and ensure you hire a service to do a check up and proper maintenance at least once a year. If you can, you should have this done during late winter, before the spring thaw. This way, you won’t have to worry about dealing with the busy season, when everyone who didn’t plan ahead first turns on their air conditioning only to find that something has broken down during the winter.

Do Your Research

Whether you’re planning ahead and calling for maintenance, or you’re trying to get something fixed after it breaks, you need to ensure you do proper research. The internet is great for this. You can go to your preferred web search engine, either Google or Bing, and type in a few keyword searches. Some good ones to try are “local air conditioning repair companies” and “local HVAC repair services”. Make sure you put the name of your town or city in place of the word “local”.

Once you have some possibilities, check the websites carefully. See what kind of services they actually offer. You may find some companies that are offering special deals and discounts depending on what you need done. However, you should take care not to hire the cheapest company you can find. Companies tend to charge a competitive price, but if a company is charging a much lower price than other companies, it’s usually for a reason. Generally, it’s because they’re just not worth as much as the other companies.

Lastly, make sure you check the customer reviews. There are a number of websites that allow people to talk about their own experiences with various companies. You can check these websites, and see how other people interacted with the company you’re thinking of hiring. You can see if they felt the services were worth paying for, and if they got their money’s worth. That can go a long way to helping you make a decision.

Ultimately, hiring the right air conditioning repair service is a matter of being prepared and doing your research. If you leave things until the last minute, then you may find yourself scrambling around in an attempt to get someone to your house as soon as possible. But if you prepare ahead of time, and make sure you’ve researched the local companies, you can find a service that’s right for you.